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PilatesTherapyBed.com is proud to announce, in conjunction with 




plans for the fantastic Pilates-inspired Therapy Bed.


Two models

- $50 plans-  the personal - use with two extra-large Ridgerest camping mats. Cost to build under 200 bucks (mats extra).


- $100 plans - the deluxe for a queen-size futon. Cost to build $4-500 plus cost of futon.

A long time ago, Joseph Pilates had a great idea for a bed!

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Yes - You have reached the home of the V-shaped Bed, as originally envisioned by Joseph Pilates

You have no idea how exciting this is. Soon I will be offering plans to build a Pilates therapy bed.

Easy to cut and make, the plans are straightforward and clear. All materials should easily be under 200 bucks.

Sheet of nice plywood, some 1x2 pine, a few pieces of 1x2 hardwood, a few stainless nuts and bolts, a piano hinge, some glue and some wood screws.

All parts will be easy to cut from the templates. Folds and locks easily!

The idea for this therapy bed was invented by Joseph Pilates. Really not much more needs to be said!

By resting supported in any position you wake up released and stretched instead of tight and stiff.

This is the hi-tech stuff in an easy and cheap form. Cut a few pieces of wood, screw them to some plywood. Add two camping mats (or whatever you like), and a pillow. Done!

Affiliated with FreePilatesOnline.com and PilatesBreath.com , we are going to shake your Pilates world to the core!

(The "core" - get it?)


Make a quick start: ORDER NOW!


Step 1. Order now our clear easy plans to creating your therapeutic sleeping paradise.

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Can use any kind of mat

Feel better at once....

Here is the luxury version - a bit of work, but with a queen sized futon - the ultimate in theraputic luxury

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